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Why ExTally

Need of Time

ExTally will make your Accounting Work Shamelessly Simple.

Now in a days for most of the merchants (Medical shops / Grocery stores / Restaurants / Super Markets / Book Stores etc) use customised softwares. At the end of month these different softwares generate the monthly report into Excel and then their respective CAs do the data entry in to respective financial software. This is a very time taking process and not sure about accuracy. Now in a days getting operators who know how to do these enters also very difficult to get and there salary is also high.

There are other shop owners or businesses in that they don't use softwares. They do their monthly billing as per their turn over. According to turn over, CA asks their operators to do the data entry again it is a time taking process.This is same happens with various business owners, small industries and companies.

On all these problem there is only one solution and that is ExTally. On all above problem this software give you solution, not only on this but on various problems of accounting ExTally is a fabulous solution.

What Is ExTally?

ExTally is a software which coverts your data from excel to your financial accounting software easily. In this software no need to do the typing, only selection through mouse to reduce human hand errors.

This software will help you in:

•  Time – Save your 90% time while doing entries
•  Money – Save your man power / operator cost
•  Accuracy – As there is no human hands so almost 100% accuracy

ExTally Is For Whom?

•  CA and CA firms
•  Tax Consultant
•  Auditors
•  Small and Big Businesses
•  Corporate Companies